Amity Taekwon-Do held its first Little Dragons Martial Arts class for ages 5-8 years old in Northampton last week.

We started off the class with an obstacle course which all the children enjoyed thoroughly and were very enthusiastic and encouraging to their peers. The obstacles on the course focused on balance, co-ordination, jumping and speed.

After the obstacle course, the children were taught their first Taekwon-Do techniques, including open fist punch, rising block and low block. They all did fantastically well in performing these movements and remembering how to do each one.

Finally, we finished off the session by discussing why it is important to exercise. All children contributed with great answers and we concluded that we need to exercise to keep our body healthy and strong. Take home sheets were handed out and if returned next week the children will get a sticker and have their colouring in posted on the website!

Well done to all and I hope to see you next week!