With the UK ITF National Taekwon-Do Championships fast approaching, it was time to step up the fitness for our 3 competitors competing at this event.

The students were put through their paces by Instructor Elliott Callahan (who also joined in with the session) in a variety of different sparring exercises.

The majority of the drills were focused on continuous attacks and combinations to push the students and encourage them to fight through fatigue. After multiple hard punching and kicking sets, the final push was a continuous leg control exercise in which the students had to keep performing turning kicks without allowing their legs to touch the floor.

All students pushed themselves considerably and will definitely be in great shape for the Nationals on 13th October.

For our returning beginning students we covered a variety of different kicks and strikes and discussed the methods and applications behind each of them. After covering front snap kick, side turning kick, inward vertical kick and knife hand strike, the results were impressive with every student showing a significant increase in their power delivery from earlier in the session.