The last lesson at Amity Taekwon-Do in Northampton was spent covering the new rules for the BTC Championships and applying these into our own sparring practice. As this upcoming competition is run by the British Taekwondo Council, other Taekwon-Do groups will be present at the championships, meaning that the rules differ slightly to the standard International Taekwon-Do Federation and UK ITF tournament rules that our students are used to.

Students Ben Williams (National bronze medallist), Zac Williams (European Silver and Bronze medallist) and Leighton Callahan (European silver and World Bronze medallist) will be representing Amity Taekwon-Do, HSTS Squad and the UTA at this tournament.

Head instructor of Amity Taekwon-Do Elliott Callahan will also be competing at this tournament.

We also covered Four Directional Punch (Saju Jirugi) for the new beginners at Amity Taekwon-Do, who are making great progress and are grasping the Taekwon-Do basics really quickly. We look forward to seeing their progress on their Taekwon-Do journey.