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Learn Taekwon-Do Amity Northampton

Amity Taekwon-Do is an official UTA Club and Member of UKITF run by Multi National, European and World Champion in Sparring & Patterns, Elliott Callahan.

We are a family friendly club offering Martial Arts Training for all age groups and fitness levels. Request your FREE Trial here 

What is Taekwon-Do?

Taekwon-do is a dynamic Korean Martial Art which literally means:

  • Tae – jumping or flying, to kick or smash with the foot
  • Kwon – denotes fist, chiefly to punch or destroy with the hand or fist
  • Do – Art or way, the right way built and paved by the saints and sages of the past
junior class

Monday 5:40pm to 6:25pm

adult beginners 14+

Monday 6:30pm to 7:15pm

adult main class 14+

Monday 7:20pm to 8:05pm

black belt class

Monday 8:05pm to 8:50pm

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Little DragonS (5 – 8 Years)

Wednesday 5:00pm to 5:30pm


Wednesday 5:40pm to 6:25pm


Wednesday 6:30pm to 7:15pm

Adult main class 14+

Wednesday 7:20pm to 8:05pm

fitness training

Wednesday 8:05pm to 8:50pm

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